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If A Plane Crashes And Everybody On Board Dies, Somebody Has To Take Responsibility

Andrew Torres   June 28, 2013   Comments Off on If A Plane Crashes And Everybody On Board Dies, Somebody Has To Take Responsibility

The aerospace industry has a long history of excellent and quality assurance, and that has stemmed from one very simply and deadly fact: if the plane isn’t perfect, a lot of lives are at stake. There are so many cogs in the wheel to get a plane up in the air, from the engineers who first designed the drawings, to the mechanics who built it, to the experts who checked, double-checked and triple-checked that the plane was ready to fly, to the pilots who test-drove it, to the technicians and mechanics who check it daily for faults and irregularities, and the staff who fly the plane regularly. Check here for unique safety services.

It is so vitally important that every step of the process be as regulated and policed as strictly as possible, as one little thing being wrong or slightly out of place could endanger the lives of the crew and all of the passengers on board, not to mention lives on the ground below. Unfortunately, mankind tends to learn the most from his mistakes, and the aerospace industry has lost a lot of lives in learning what does and doesn’t work in terms of building and flying a plane.

Each rule has been implemented for a very specific reason, and it’s a matter of supreme urgency that each technician and mechanic assigned to look after the place does every single aspect of his job absolutely correctly, and that somebody else always comes along to check it. In very few other industries on earth will you find people who are so vigilant at doing their job absolutely perfectly, and yet, they have to, because they know what’s at stake.responsibility

Planes can crash for thousands of different reasons: perhaps there was a tiny fault on the wing that somebody didn’t notice, maybe the wheels had problems on take-off, or maybe there was problem circulating oxygen, and so on and so forth. Whose responsibility is it, ultimately, if a plane crashes due to a fault and everybody on board dies?

It’s up to the airline who owns the plane and was operating the flight to go back through their processes and conduct a thorough investigation to discover what the flaw was and how it was allowed to go wrong. For every bolt that was checked, it should have been cross-checked by somebody else. In this way, the responsibility is shared and the security of the work that has been performed has doubled. It is in the airlines’ best interests to keep the safety and security of their planes at maximum, for not only the safety of their flight crew and customers, but for the representation of their brand in the public eye. Visit our website for more auditing courses.

An airline can be rightly very proud of themselves if they can say that they’ve never crashed, and customers feel much more secure in making the choice to fly with that airline if they feel confident that the mechanical work performed on the planes is to a perfectly safe standard to fly great distances.

Utilize The Experience And Expertise Of Builders To Build A Perfect House

Andrew Torres   June 25, 2013   Comments Off on Utilize The Experience And Expertise Of Builders To Build A Perfect House

buildersBuilding one’s own home is a dream of every individual but many dreams remain mere dreams forever. Not everybody can translate one’s dream of building a perfect house into reality. There are several constraints like financial problems and lack of knowledge in building houses etc. But mind you that every problem on earth has a solution. The only thing that you need to do is to discover the solutions.

If you desire to build a house of your own, your lack of experience should not be a hindrance. There are home builders around you that can cater to your overall needs. If you wish, you can easily find a construction company in your vicinity. How much fund do you require to build your own home? Perhaps, you cannot imagine as you do not have any prior experience in building houses. You may not be aware of the prices of different materials available for building houses. But there is nothing to worry.

The home builders around you can solve all such problems in minutes. You just express your desire of the kind of house you would like to build and a construction company can sort out all the confusions. And even if you do not have the idea of the type of house you desire to build; the builders can offer you various suggestions in terms of architecture, design and other related aspects. Mind you that your house is not merely a shelter. It is like a heaven on earth and if you really desire to live a comfortable and luxurious life, you need to have a perfect house.

Many of the people desire to build such houses that can be perfect from all the angles but due to the lack of expertise they fail to do so. And here come the commercial home builders to rescue you. Click here for professional builders. They not only make a luxurious house with full comforts but also make you feel that your house is your heaven on earth. Due to years of experience and presence of expertise, a construction company can guide you in building a dream-home.

But it is advisable that before you rely on to any such professional house building enterprises; you check their previous records and also go through the reviews of the clients to know the authenticity of such enterprises. How much budget do you require to build a house? As you never had and experience, you may not be aware of the expenditure. But not to panic; there are services around you that can solve all your problems.

You just let them know your budget and they will let you know the kind of house that can be built in that budget. If you really wish to know the different quotes, you can visit the several home builders in your vicinity. Once you get the different quotes, you can finalize which construction company is best suitable for you. You do not build houses every day. The house you are planning to build may be a lifetime achievement. It is therefore advisable that you should not act in a hurry in an indiscriminate manner.

Picking A Led Screen – What You Need To Know

Andrew Torres   June 16, 2013   Comments Off on Picking A Led Screen – What You Need To Know

led screenThere are many options when deciding what screen is best for yourself or your family, or for your business. There is size, quality and price to take into consideration.

One type of screen available is those with LED screens. But what exactly does LED mean, what are LED screens used for and what are the Benefits of having an LED screen in your home or business?

LED stands for ‘light emitting diodes’, which is basically many single light sources that work together to create text or an image. You most commonly see this type of screen being used for shop signs and billboards, and now on some buses.

There are two different types of light emitting diodes, conventional and surface mounted diodes. Surface mounted diodes you may have noticed are when small coloured lights are grouped together so that when you look at it from a distance they create the image. This is the basic idea of how LED works.

The most common places you will hear the term LED these days however, is when buying a television. They are becoming more and more popular now that the LED system has been refined, but do they make good television and computer screens? LED screens give great contrast for images appearing on screen, this can mean a more vibrant picture.

In terms of television this is very good, although not necessarily needed for a computer screen, however, if you are a gamer, this can go a long way to making your online gaming experience more enjoyable.  A great feature of LED screens is that they use less energy to run.

For those concerned about power bills this can work in favour towards choosing the LED option. LED also has a fast response time, which means that it keeps up amazing well with moving graphics for computers, and displays television and movies with amazing quality.

As for that energy efficient element we were talking about. It makes LED screens have a better effect on the environment. Apart from using 30% to 50% less power depending on your settings, it also uses no mercury, lead or halogen in their construction.

Why does this have a good effect on the environment? As we know, eventually things stop working, but LED screens are safe and easier to recycle.

There are many reasons for and against opting for LED over other screens. I would say for those looking for a screen to advertise their business LED is a better option. It’s low cost to run and built to resist external weather. For the family looking for that new television, LED provides your viewing experience with quality viewing.

With fast response times meaning that your image quality is greater, and the fact that contrast is not only more intense but you have more control over it, LED screens make a great option for you home television. And for the gamer who’s looking for a higher graphic quality, computers with LED screens are definitely the way to go.

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Does Poetry Matter

Andrew Torres   June 5, 2013   Comments Off on Does Poetry Matter

does-poetry-matterThe question of why poetry matters would quite likely yield a different response from each different person asked. There are many factors that would alter a response to this question, such as the era in which it was asked, the occupation of the person asked, their level of education and most importantly their personality and outlook on life.

Poetry matters because it has the ability to impact on people’s lives, whether it is in a life-changing way, or simply making someone smile. For someone who writes poetry, the reasons why it matters would of course vary from one poet to the next.

However, in broad terms poetry could be considered a need – something that one cannot imagine their lives without. For direct readers of poems – students, scholars, and everyday people who enjoy beginning their day with a poem – poetry perhaps matters as an escape from reality or as an art that they enjoy as a form of entertainment.


To those who care little about poetry, it may seem outdated – a form of entertainment that existed before real entertainment was discovered. Do school kids really enjoy reading Wordsworth? Probably not.

These are valid points; does poetry really have a place in the twenty first century for the majority of us? While its place in society has changed from what it was a hundred years ago, poetry is still relevant today. While reciting Wordsworth at school or reading T.S. Eliot for breakfast is not on the top of everyone’s favourite things list, there are other more subtle influences poetry has on the majority.

Poetry can visit everyone and influence them, in the smallest of ways. Suppose a young girl attended the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games opening ceremony, and on seeing the enthralling stock horse display decided she wanted to learn to ride.

Then suppose that learning to ride led her down a horse career path. Now those stock horses were used in the opening ceremony as a show of our national identity, calling upon bush legend Banjo Patterson’s famous poem, The Man from Snowy Rive. So perhaps in some small way, one could say that a poem influenced the career decisions of this girl, whether or not she was an avid poet or reader.

Movies are a common source of entertainment for many, whether it is watching them on television, downloading them or going with friends to the cinemas. There are few people who would deny that they have watched a movie in recent times. Poetry often mixes into this genre of entertainment. Again, The Man from Snowy River can be used as an example.

The 1982 film adaption grossed over $17 million dollars in Australian box offices, which equates to well over $50 million today. Poetry has been used in many films, with the major poets being Shakespeare with twenty seven films, William Blake with sixteen films, Walt Whitman and Edgar Allen Poe with ten films each and  TS Eliot with eight films.

Whether you are a fan of poetry or not, there is no denying it has played a very important part in our history, and has had a resounding influence on entertainment in today’s world.

Illegal Drug Legislation In Australia

Andrew Torres   June 5, 2013   Comments Off on Illegal Drug Legislation In Australia

drug reform‘Should Australia legalise drugs?’ is too broad a question to reciprocate with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This question would sound absurd to most of us – akin to legalising speeding or train surfing.

Why would anyone want to legalise something capable of causing so much harm to so many people? It is also hard to grasp a concept such as this because drugs have always had a stigmatised image in society.

They have been touted as the evil, the dirty and the dangerous. Users have unfortunately been viewed in a similar light. Our country has a long history of drug prohibition.

Australia began prohibition during the 1970’s, although steps towards its anti-drugs approach go back as far as 1912. In more recent times, the drug policy has become more publicised, with an increased focus on law enforcement and tougher penalties.

The current approach to drug use in Australia is based around the ‘war on drugs’ discourse. In 1997, John Howard introduced the National Illicit Drug Strategy, with the slogan ‘Tough on Drugs’ (his version of America’s ‘War on Drugs’).

It is difficult to change a school of thought that has its roots firmly planted in our society. Despite this, there is evidence to suggest that legalisation could be a beneficial – yet very controversial – step towards the management of drugs in Australia today.

However, it’s a step that would need to adhere to strict guidelines and careful monitoring if it were to work. If drugs were to be legalised in Australia, it should be for the possession of small amounts for personal use only.

Drugs should only be allowed to be sold from government registered places, with private dealing to remain illegal – drug dealers should not be able to benefit in any way. Underage drug taking should also remain illegal, in a similar vein to drinking, smoking and driving.

There are quite a few arguments for the legalisation of drugs in a controlled way. Firstly, it is hard to argue against the fact that the current approach to drug use is having little effect, therefore is there any harm in trying a new approach?

In many cases, it has been found that a hard line approach actually causes more problems, as can been seen in terms of the alcohol prohibition era in America where bootleg gangs became a large-scale issue. Legalisation could also lead to huge benefits for the police force and society in general.

If the government and police don’t need to spend time and money dealing with minor illegal drug activity, it leaves a lot more resources for issues of greater concern and importance.

Then there are the health benefits for users. There is the possibility of drugs becoming purer, more predictable and more reliable. There is also the hope that legalisation could bring more education and reduce stigma attached to drug use.

Radical ideas such as legalising drugs will always meet strong opposition and the drawbacks must be taken into account – because they are there.

However, some credit must be given to the fact that humans are autonomous beings capable of making their own decisions. As a large scale health concern in Australia, drug use is a very contentious issue.

Whether legalisation is the key to control remains unseen, but with current strategies failing perhaps it is time for a new approach.