Picking A Led Screen – What You Need To Know

Andrew Torres   June 16, 2013   Comments Off on Picking A Led Screen – What You Need To Know
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led screenThere are many options when deciding what screen is best for yourself or your family, or for your business. There is size, quality and price to take into consideration.

One type of screen available is those with LED screens. But what exactly does LED mean, what are LED screens used for and what are the Benefits of having an LED screen in your home or business?

LED stands for ‘light emitting diodes’, which is basically many single light sources that work together to create text or an image. You most commonly see this type of screen being used for shop signs and billboards, and now on some buses.

There are two different types of light emitting diodes, conventional and surface mounted diodes. Surface mounted diodes you may have noticed are when small coloured lights are grouped together so that when you look at it from a distance they create the image. This is the basic idea of how LED works.

The most common places you will hear the term LED these days however, is when buying a television. They are becoming more and more popular now that the LED system has been refined, but do they make good television and computer screens? LED screens give great contrast for images appearing on screen, this can mean a more vibrant picture.

In terms of television this is very good, although not necessarily needed for a computer screen, however, if you are a gamer, this can go a long way to making your online gaming experience more enjoyable.  A great feature of LED screens is that they use less energy to run.

For those concerned about power bills this can work in favour towards choosing the LED option. LED also has a fast response time, which means that it keeps up amazing well with moving graphics for computers, and displays television and movies with amazing quality.

As for that energy efficient element we were talking about. It makes LED screens have a better effect on the environment. Apart from using 30% to 50% less power depending on your settings, it also uses no mercury, lead or halogen in their construction.

Why does this have a good effect on the environment? As we know, eventually things stop working, but LED screens are safe and easier to recycle.

There are many reasons for and against opting for LED over other screens. I would say for those looking for a screen to advertise their business LED is a better option. It’s low cost to run and built to resist external weather. For the family looking for that new television, LED provides your viewing experience with quality viewing.

With fast response times meaning that your image quality is greater, and the fact that contrast is not only more intense but you have more control over it, LED screens make a great option for you home television. And for the gamer who’s looking for a higher graphic quality, computers with LED screens are definitely the way to go.

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